Funny picture place holder.

I must apologize — it has been a long time since I have posted, despite there being all sorts of interesting new things to talk about with regard to genomics and evolution. It’s teaching and grant season, which means I will probably continue to be a part-time blogger at most for another couple of weeks. I have lots to write about [1], but no time — so please bear with me.

One item of note, I have been invited to contribute regularly to Scitizen. I may also reconsider being a featured blogger at Scientific Blogging once things calm down later in the semester. In any event, it is nice to see that Genomicron is being appreciated.

Some of my fellow science bloggers (for me, that’s a small s / small b since I have not been called up to the big leagues by Seed!) are working on a paper to discuss the role of blogging for scientists. I can say that blogs have turned out to be useful for all three major components of a prof’s job, namely service (as public outreach), research (as a source of discussions of and links to interesting papers), and teaching. An example of the latter happened this morning. I was checking out Retrospectacle [2] and came across the picture below. When I stopped laughing, I decided to add it to the lecture I will be giving on kin selection today, which includes a section on sibling conflict and parent-offspring conflict. Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words, evn if teh words iz spelld all rong. Enjoy.


1) This includes finally responding to a meme, namely the one on the evolution of Genomicron as tagged by Sandwalk.

2) Shelley Batts needs votes to get a scholarship — help her out, won’t you?

2 thoughts on “Funny picture place holder.

  1. If it helps to lower the guilt-quotient, I have not responded to the same meme either. So much to do, so little time… ;-}

  2. Glad to see that your and general science blogging find increased support.

    Oh, and I had to add Icanhascheezburger to my daily dose of the web a while back. That particular picture even visited my note board. Despite the spelling.

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