Blogroll amnesty day.

Both Sandwalk and Pharyngula — two of the big boys, and among my own favourite blogs — make note that this is Blogroll amnesty day. The idea is to add some blogs that receive fewer visits than one’s own to help them gain exposure.

Well, Genomicron is no Sandwalk or Pharyngula. My own take on this will be slightly different from that of the major blogs. What I want to do is single out a particular group of bloggers: graduate students. As long as blogging isn’t interfering with their studies/research, I am all for seeing students starting early with communicating to nonspecialists. Of course, several of these are (or, I suspect, will be) on ScienceBlogs, and most probably receive more visits than Genomicron, but nonetheless here is my non-exhaustive list:

A great mix of topics from both male and female students and well worth reading if you don’t already.

4 thoughts on “Blogroll amnesty day.

  1. Thank you for the addition! I feel a little strange about being at the top of the list and still being an undergraduate, but I’m just glad to be included.

  2. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a grad, then quit writing such thoughtful articles!

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