The Irish might drive on the right side.

Reuters is reporting that a senior politician in Ireland suggests that they make the switch from driving on the left side of the road to right-side driving, in light of the dumb tourists from North America and continental Europe who cause accidents.

I don’t know what the Irish think about this, but I recommend phasing it in gradually like they did in Newfoundland in 1947, starting with just the large trucks.

2 thoughts on “The Irish might drive on the right side.

  1. Before anyone says anything, this is just an old joke and should not be taken as a slight against the Irish, or Newfoundlanders, or Irish Newfoundlanders.

  2. Don’t take this suggestion too seriously, i heard the the politician in question on Irish radio and it was obvious that he relay had not thought out what he was saying and was proposing it so he could appear to be doing something about road fatalities .

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