A farewell to Evolgen.

Well, it looks like Evolgen has decided to shut down indefinitely. I kept Evolgen on my feed list the whole time (plenty of others have been dropped, only a few re-added), and I enjoyed reading it. However, I can sympathize with blogging becoming a lower priority. Honestly, my posts have gotten fewer and farther between since last semester.

I also was quite disappointed with the lack of response by the blogosphere to the special issue of E:EO on eye evolution, which I really thought would be of interest. (I think perhaps very few people read Genomicron anymore, after a sporadic updating for a few months).

So, anyway, farewell Evolgen, and I don’t blame you for leaving when you felt the blog had run its course.

3 thoughts on “A farewell to Evolgen.

  1. Forgive an invite by way of a comment, but I’d like to invite you to participate in Blog For Darwin.

    Complete information is available at http://www.blogfordarwin.com, but it’s easy to participate. Basically, the project calls for each blogger to post about Charles Darwin on their blog at some point the 12th-15th of February 2009 and submitting the post’s URL to me via BlogCarnival.com (http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_5674.html). I’ll then publish posts on BlogForDarwin.com (in full, excerpted, or perhaps linkable title form–I’m not sure yet which will work best). BlogForDarwin.com will then remain online as an educational resource.

    Anything you can do to help promote BlogForDarwin.com would be appreciated, too!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. Keep up the good blogging. Just because I’m not blogging, doesn’t mean I’m not reading blogs. I hope you give me some good stuff to read.

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