Forbes on Darwin.

Well, I certainly don’t agree with their full selection of authors (see Pharyngula and NeuroLogica), but anyway here is the set of papers in Forbes on evolution.

The Evolution Of Evolution

By Hana R. Alberts

Surveying a landscape of cognition–and controversy.

What We See When We Look In The Mirror

By Lionel Tiger

Humankind’s epic search for existential answers.

In Praise Of A Beautiful Theory

By Michael Ruse

Why evolution matters today more than ever.

The Self-Made Species

By Denis Dutton

We fail to realize just how much evolution shapes our personalities.

You Should Believe In Love At First Sight

By Helen Fisher

Charles Darwin knew about romance.

Keeping Pace With Change

By Owen D. Jones

Why it matters that behaviors evolve.

Survival Of The (Financially) Fittest

By Leo M. Tilman

Evolutionary pressures and economic fate.

We Are The Moral Animals

By Larry Arnhart

Fear of a Darwinian, animalistic hedonism is unfounded.

From Evolution Comes Literature

By Joseph Carroll

Can we prove what we read and write is rooted in biology?

Why Evolution Doesn’t Matter

By Matt Woolsey

Forget century-old debates. Biology should inspire technology for the future.

The Reticent Abolitionist

By Adrian Desmond

Slavery is hard to justify if all species–animal, black and white–share a common ancestor.

Darwin The Dog Lover

By David Allan Feller

Canine companionship inspired evolutionary observations.

A Life In 14,500 Letters

By Paul White

Glimpses of the earnest passions behind the beard.

The Debate Over Intelligent Design

By Kathryn Tabb

What would Darwin say?

Darwinian Dangers

By Ken Ham

The Creation Museum’s founder fears moral collapse and racism.

There Is No ‘Politically Correct’ Science

By John G. West

It’s impossible to isolate Darwinian theories from their societal consequences.

A Neurosurgeon, Not A Darwinist

By Michael Egnor

Why I don’t believe in atheism’s creation myth.

The Problem Of Evidence

By Jonathan Wells

If it isn’t testable, it isn’t science.

The Man In Darwin’s Shadow

By Michael Shermer

Did Alfred Russel Wallace think up evolution first?

Alfred Russel Wallace

By Michael A. Flannery

The proponent of intelligent design in Darwin’s day.