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We often hear the stereotype that good researchers are not good teachers and vice versa. I think this is vastly overstated, and in actuality many people who seek to excel at research also are driven to be effective instructors. Nevertheless, there is a habit of teaching the way we ourselves were taught, even if this is not the most efficient approach. This is where being a researcher who puts considerable weight on data can make one a better educator. As Bruce Alberts, former president of the NAS and now editor of Science, once noted,

Research has taught us a great deal about effective teaching and learning in recent years, and scientists should be no more willing to fly blind in their teaching than they are in scientific research.

To that end, I thought it could be useful to compile a list of journals and other sources that discuss the teaching of science in general or biology in particular.


Special issues on evolution:

From the National Academy of Sciences:

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