Danish, anybody?

Sadly, I can’t read Danish and therefore I am not sure quite what this article in Ingeniøren actually says.

Evolutionsteorien er under stadig udvikling

However, I can say that the author, Robin Engelhardt, was not only pleasant but he absolutely had done his homework and grasped the issue (whether the rise of epigenetics constitutes neo-Lamarckism) quite well. I wish more science writers would take this example!

3 thoughts on “Danish, anybody?

  1. I ran the article through Google Translator. It's not perfect, but it's readable.


    Full translated title to give you some idea on what it's like:

    "Evolution theory is constantly evolving

    The great attention epigenetik evolution theory has provided great-grandfather, Jean Baptiste Lamarck, new wind in our sails. Neo-lamarckisme kaldes det, men epigenetisk arvelighed passer bedre til Darwins ideer end til Larmarcks. Neo-lamarckisme known, but epigenetic inheritance is more suited to Darwins ideas than Larmarcks."

  2. Wow. You praise a writer whose work you haven’t even read. Again, wow. Makes one wonder how many other people/things/ideas you praise or, more often than not, criticize, that you have not really read. You are a walking, I mean blogging, hypocrite.

  3. I didn’t praise his writing, I said he had clearly done his homework — this is a conclusion based on email and a phone interview.

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