Frontiers in Evolution.

These two meetings are coming up in May, one at the University of Guelph and one at McMaster University. If you are in the area, you are welcome and encouraged to register and attend!

The Peter Yodzis Colloquium 2009 – Frontiers in Evolution
May 20-21, University of Guelph


  • David Sloan Wilson (levels of selection)
  • Richard Lenski (experimental evolution)
  • Hans Thewissen (paleontology)
  • Belinda Chang (molecular evolution)
  • Ryan Gregory (genome evolution)
  • Craig Albertson (developmental evolution)

The talks are spread over two days, and on the second day will be a panel discussion. No concurrent talks, only invited speakers, plus a contributed poster session.

Download poster for more details.

Darwin’s Legacy
May 25-29, Origins Institute, McMaster University


  • Mark Rausher (selection)
  • James Valentine (paleontology)
  • Brian Hall (diversity)
  • Christof Koch (cognition)
  • Hopi Hoekstra (speciation and adaptation)
  • Steve Benner (molecular evolution)
  • David Deamer (origins of life)

There will also be other invited and submitted talks as well as a poster session.