Darwin caricatures.

Darwin’s views are often misrepresented to the point of caricature, as we all know, but there have also been plenty of examples of literal caricature of Darwin in the popular media. I recently gave some talks about evolutionary imagery, which included popular press cartoons from the 1800s that had a common theme of caricaturing Darwin as a chimp or having non-human apes exhibiting human characteristics and behaviour. This seems like as good a day as any (the 150th anniversary of the Origin, and all) to post my collection for your enjoyment.

[album: http://www.genomicron.evolverzone.com/images/albums/DarwinCaricature/]

2 thoughts on “Darwin caricatures.

  1. This was back from July:
    Discusses two caricature prints featuring John Tyndall, with Darwin as a monkey in one and Tyndall, Huxley, Owen, and Hooker as monkeys in the other. I refer to Browne’s article as well.
    The Primate Diaries recently posted a bunch of Darwin-ape caricatures:

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