11 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. I suppose the greenery means “not in Canada”.  🙂
    Overall appearance is still temperate though.  Lack of piles of leaves suggest that it’s not the southern US, although the vegetation seems fairly sclerophyllous, so it’s impossible that it’s California or something.  The other option would be southern hemisphere – maybe Australia.  Would also fit with the sclerophyllous look.  But it would be Spring there, and the grass inflorescence in the lower right corner looks dry, mature.  Still, it’s possible it could be from last summer…or maybe in a Mediterranean climate perennial grasses flower in winter?  Nah, that doesn’t sound right.
    OK, I’m going to guess Australia.

  2. San Francisco Peninsula, overlooking the buildup by the bay? You can also see the “Pampas grass”, introduced from South America, which has taken over the SF area. I’m gonna guess the coastside hills looking east, somewhere fairly south along the peninsula, ie San Jose-ish? Or maybe Palo Alto? I don’t know the east side of the hills very well…

  3. I noticed the pampas as well. Those conifers are incredibly ugly, just seeing them makes me want to reach for a chainsaw. I think that lovely stonewall excludes most countries without a significant amount of history and/or taste (eg. Oz and the US ;). It looks very dry and there’s not much evidence of autumn. How about Greece?

  4. You are  in one of the most chaotic places, mainly for traffic (another type of jungle), complex, the most populated, but with many beautiful places to visit and enjoy.

  5. I like the California guess for some reason.  Vegetation looks very clean and planned, like a park, and the stonewall looks newish like a rest center or visitor’s area.  The wooden guardrails also remind me of a state or national park feel.  The haze makes me think southern California.  I’ll try the hills overlooking  the valley in L.A..

  6. Some place with mediterranean climate, neither California nor Australlia nor Greece… hmmm. Looks like fall rather than spring, in a place where early November is still a fairly dry time. So probably still in the northern hemisphere. Could be the interior of one of the Pacific states+provinces besides California, although not sure where would be so built-up. High population density in low-rise buildings suggests a seismic area, and most likely still in North America. Interior of Oregon doesn’t look like it’d have anything so dense, too dry for this time of the year for interior BC (and too urban), so lemme guess eastern Washington?
    Alternatively, could be some rich part of Arizona or Nevada, where they have the money to sustain green life in the middle of a desert…
    Most likely to be something really unexpected, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking us to guess!
    Oh, how about western Mexico somewhere? (though I doubt it)

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