2 thoughts on “DNA Barcoding on Canada AM.

  1. By the way, DNA barcoding has absolutely nothing to do with cloning, dinosaurs, or Jurassic Park. But I guess the link is irresistible to reporters whenever DNA is mentioned in any context. [Sigh].

  2. An interesting little piece…

    Dr. Hebert is quite a good public speaker, in my opinion. I won’t blame him for the weird Jurassic Park non-sequitor, or the blithely-mentioned figure of 10 million species on Earth. Current estimates are around 1.8 million described species, right? I’ve seen estimates for total Earth biodiversity ranging from about 5 million up to 100 million. Where did they get their 10 million estimate?

    Also, the mention of cloning dinosaurs “using DNA” brings to mind the question: could an organism be cloned without using DNA? How odd.

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