Welcome new iSpiders blog.

This is just a quick post to welcome University of Alberta PhD candidate David Shorthouse to the blogosphere with the launch of his new blog, iSpiders.

David edits the Canadian Arachnologist newsletter and developed the Nearctic Spider Database. He and I published a paper on spider genomes a few years ago that made the cover of Journal of Heredity.

David is interested in making biodiversity information open to everyone (as am I), so it’s worth checking out.

(Hat tip: iPhylo)

2 thoughts on “Welcome new iSpiders blog.

  1. It was me TAing for a biodiversity class that got me over my fear of spiders 😛

    I still cant eat crab/lobsters/shrimp though. hehe!

  2. If you want to collect spiders, take an arachnophobe with you — they can spot specimens better than anyone. 🙂

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