Gene Genie and the DNA Network.

Here are some of the positive developments among blogs that I am happy to discuss.

The latest edition of Gene Genie is now up on Gene Sherpas, in which I have two contributions. This is my first blog carnival, and I want to thank our host and everyone else involved. The next round will be located at Eye on DNA on June 3, so remember to submit your links that you would like to have included. See here for earlier entries.

The second piece of news, as many people have already noted, describes a new network of genetics blogs entitled The DNA Network, to which you are welcome to subscribe by Feedburner. This is the outcome of efforts by Rick Vidal of My Biotech Life and Hsien-Hsien Lei from Eye on DNA.

Current members include:


4 thoughts on “Gene Genie and the DNA Network.

  1. Dear Ryan!

    Thank you for the kind words! Don’t you want to host an edition on the 1st of July? It’d be great!

  2. We’re glad you’re a part of The DNA Network!

    PS Berci will badger you until you agree to host. 😉

  3. Then I guess resistance is futile. I’d be happy to host the Canada Day edition. Please email me with details.

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