On the lookout for DAPs!

Larry Moran and PZ have both picked up on the term “DAP“. There have already been several more examples identified outside the realm of genomics in their comments threads. As such, I think that “DAP” can be given the following broadened definition:

Dog’s Ass Plot (DAP, or Dapper):

A graphical representation of data in any field that, through a lack of clear axis labels, selective inclusion/exclusion of data, visual presentation style, and/or other questionable characteristics, generates a misleading interpretation of the data in the viewer, especially by implying an illusory pattern that is not supported by the available data.

Can you indicate an example from your own subject of study? If so, please provide a link in the comments section. Bring on the Dappers!!

2 thoughts on “On the lookout for DAPs!

  1. Nick, I’m impressed by the amount of silliness packed into such a short article (the boston.com one; I never read uncommondescent if I can avoid it). Still, I didn’t see any DAPs there. Based on the writing, my mind boggles at the possibilities for DAPs to go with that story.

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