Birds and dinosaurs, collagen, and Huxley.

I have already blogged about this topic in a short post [Yet another link between dinosaurs and birds], so I will just point out the existence of another paper along these lines using phylogenetic analyses of collagen amino acid sequences recovered from T. rex fossils to demonstrate a close affinity between theropod dinosaurs and birds (Organ et al. 2008), a link first proposed by T.H. Huxley in 1868. This newest analysis was led by Chris Organ, who also did the dinosaur cell/genome size estimation study (Organ et al. 2007; Zimmer 2007). They also looked at mastodons. The data from mastodons and dinosaur aren’t new (Asara et al. 2007; Schweitzer et al. 2007) — the main update is the inclusion extant species and of a phylogenetic component.

There are plenty of news stories about it, including the following.

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T. rex confirmed as great granddaddy of all birds (New Scientist)

Phylogenetic Tree: Dinosaurs, Alligators And … Ostriches? (Scientific Blogging)

Gunk in T. Rex Fossil Confirms Dino-Bird Lineage (LiveScience)

Finally, a reminder about how species names should be listed.


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