Functional redundancy.

The move from Blogger to Scientific Blogging has been good overall, and I am certainly enjoying more hits and a broader readership from outside the normal blogosphere. However, I have also noticed that bloggers and blog readers have more or less dropped off. I think it would be useful for Genomicron to reach both audiences, but it seems that one Genomicron can’t serve that function yet. Perhaps when the new format of SB is operational it will. Meanwhile, I am opting to resurrect the pseudoGenomicron and have it persist as a functionally redundant parablog. That is to say I will be cross posting everything on both sites, and blog readers who like this one better can read it and people who want links to lots of other interesting stuff can visit the other one. It will be a little more work, but worth it I think. The Feedburner feed will use the original Genomicron so it can have full posts.

If you prefer the other version, it’s here.