Emerging Leaders of the Americas.

Just got this through email.

Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP)

At the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada will allocate $18 million over the next four years for a new scholarship program. The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) will award up to 1600 new scholarships for Latin American and Caribbean students to pursue studies or research in Canada.

The ELAP will support human capital development and a new generation of leaders in the Americas while strengthening linkages between Canadian institutions and those in the region.

The first round of ELAP scholarships is now underway for study or research commencing in the Fall of 2009. The deadline for applications from Canadian post-secondary institutions is June 29, 2009 .

Program Description

The scholarships will be facilitated through inter-institutional exchange agreements and will provide students with the opportunity to undertake study or research at Canadian universities and colleges. Recipients will remain students of their home institutions during this exchange. In addition, the ELAP will offer a study tour component to selected students to expose them to Canadian governance, business and civil society in key priority areas.

I am all for supporting students from Latin America and the Caribbean (two of my first grad students were originally from S. America). However, two issues:

  • “Recipients will remain students of their home institutions during this exchange.” So, we don’t get supervisor credit (co-supervisor would be fine, however.)
  • “Key priority areas”. We know what that means, and it ain’t basic science.