Funding for research in Canada round-up

For incisive commentary on the topic of science policy in Canada, I direct you to Rob Annan’s excellent blog over at Don’t Leave Canada Behind. Most recently, he provides a response to a rather misplaced critique of Canadian researchers by Michael Bliss in the National Post.

Just to clarify, we’re not just asking for more money. We’re responding to several major policy issues that are going to affect Canadian research across the nation:

1) Cuts to the three granting agencies.
2) Lack of support for Genome Canada.
3) Cutting the MSc scholarship to 1 year.
4) A focus on few, very large scholarships instead of supporting established labs.
5) Investment in buildings rather than people.
6) Dismissal of the science advisor.
7) Decisions about what kinds of research will be funded based on short-term returns.
8) An emphasis on applied studies at the expense of basic science.