Arguments creationists should not use.

Creation Ministries International (formerly Answers in Genesis) has an interesting list of “Arguments we think creationists should not use“. Of course, anti-evolutionists regularly engage in less than honest tactics, including quote-mining, propaganda, and outright distortions, but in this case I applaud their candor. Here are some of the notable arguments listed, many of which […]

A bicycle without a wheel.

I won’t get into this in detail, in part because I wrote about it in my paper The evolution of complex organs in the special issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach about eyes.

It seems the most recent analogy drawn by anti-evolutionists to support the idea of irreducible complexity is a bicycle — yeah, […]

Look at it this way…

Todd Oakley reports on a dust-up over at Panda’s Thumb in which a commentator is not convinced that eyes evolved, in large part because the specific details of the early origin of the phototransduction pathway have yet to be worked out. Not surprisingly, responses have pointed out that the gaps are getting smaller and […]

"Intelligent design is not a theory" says DI fellow.

The Panda’s Thumb (PT) has a short post giving a quote from Michael Medved, a new fellow at the Discovery Institute (DI) (which promotes intelligent design, or ID). In it, Medved notes that intelligent design is not a theory itself, but merely a challenge to evolution. We already knew that, of course, and well […]

Two movies released today.

Two very different movies will be released today. The first is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The other is Constantine’s Sword. I haven’t seen them so I won’t comment specifically on either (though I will point readers to Expelled Exposed again). But for your interest, here are the trailers.


Expelled Exposed.

I have not seen Ben Stein’s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but the reviews and interviews with Stein strongly indicate that it is nonsense. For a growing collection of material relating to the movie, see Expelled Exposed, provided by the National Center for Science Education. Recent highlights include reviews by Michael Shermer and Richard […]

Reducibly complex bombardier beetles.

The classic creationist argument regarding “irreducible complexity” is that many multi-part biological systems cannot function without all of their parts present together in the current configuration, and thus that there is no possibility that such systems evolved through gradual intermediates. In the past, the most common examples included features at the organ level such […]

What is a just-so story?

As I and others have noted many times, facts, theories, and hypotheses are independent elements in the scientific process. Contrary to their vernacular meanings, they are not ranks indicating differential degrees of certainty in some claim.

Evolution is scientific fact, meaning that the numerous types of evidence point so overwhelmingly to shared ancestry that […]

Monty Python guards Expelled.

Apparently PZ Myers was refused admission to Expelled, the pro-ID movie about how, you know, people are prevented from engaging in debate about the subject. Anyway, they decided that PZ, who is interviewed in the movie, should not see it, but they neglected to stop his guest — some guy named Richard Dawkins — […]

Welcome Pharyngulanchers.

I see PZ has linked here in a discussion of yet more IDist nonsense regarding junk DNA. To help you find what you’re after, here is a list of relevant posts on the subject: The junk DNA collection Junk DNA – The quotes of interest series Function, non-function, some function: a brief history of […]