Lower and basal.

The story:

New Tree Of Life Divides All Lower Metazoans From Higher Animals, Molecular Research Confirms

The response:

“It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another” (Charles Darwin, 1837)

More information:

Understanding evolutionary trees

(By the way, Rob DeSalle, who is quoted in the story, was one of my postdoc advisors and he definitely understands phylogenies — but the story is pretty sloppy nonetheless)

2 thoughts on “Lower and basal.

  1. I was wondering what you thought about the article in question.
    You are one of my ‘go-to-guys’ in evolutionary themes, so I’m really interested.

  2. it seems like everyday a new phylogeny tree is created and all seems to prove their organism as most primitive…………what are ur thoughts on recent artcle by bernd??

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